So, once again I have another ulcer. It’s been almost a week now and I’ve drank gallons of water to help it heal. But apparently, it’s not doing any better. And fyi, it’s terribly painful. So I started to consult with the know-it-all Mr. Google, and I got two interesting facts about oral ulcers. 

  • I searched for healing alternatives and I’ve got a surprising entry listed on It’s title “Eating Pani Puri”, which is some sort of Indian Food. It scored 83% of succession, even won over Kennalog which scores 44%. Have I ever ate PaniPuri? No, I haven’t and because of this pain, I’m now damn curious.
  • The second fact is what is more intriguing for me, I just found out that there are such thing as aphthous ulcers. You don’t know what it is? Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But the interesting fact is :

"their appearances are related to mental stress of a person. They tend to last a couple of week and will disappear when the person is free from all mental stress.”

Now that I know Mental Stress and Pressure can causes Ulcer which is terribly painful for me, truly I will try my best to be free from all that. Interesting Facts in the middle of the night, oh shit, it’s 2.30am now. I better get some sleep. Nite folks

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